Upholstery Cleaning

Sometimes, when people stare at their furniture long enough, they see it’s imperfections. When this is noticed, people then wonder whether it is worth investing in new cushions, rugs or entire sofa. In many cases, your savings can stay in your bank account – investing in new furniture isn’t always the answer.

A simple upholstery cleaning service can do the job required to inject life back into your furniture effortlessly, immediately and cost-effectively.

Our cleaning experts here at Kleenrite are supported with our quality truck mounted cleaning equipment, which cleans deeper than any other cleaning product on the market. We have over 30 years of cleaning experience, and we’ve never seen such an effective cleaning system; especially for upholstery items. Our truck mounted cleaning system is eco-friendly and 100% safe for your home’s environment.

Furniture has to cope with many situations and environments, and will ultimately become worn and tired over time.

Whether it lacks colour or has an odd stain, rip or scratch, our cleaning team will be able to revive it or improve its appearance. We offer an individual service to every single project we undertake, so you can ensure that we can get the job done correctly, safely and to the highest standards.

Before we complete any work, we will complete a survey and quotation to review the upholstery items and evaluate the work involved. We are available to complete the deep upholstery clean on weekdays, weekends and evenings.

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